Are You Ready?

Okay, so in a last minute decision, I decided I’m vlogging tonight. Please excuse the video’s quality. For some reason, the audio does not match the video :\ but you might laugh at how funny it looks (which is always a good thing). Get to it fans!


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also, as I mentioned in the video, go read Lily’s blog…NOW! 🙂 ❤


P.S. I know, knowww I’ve been slacking once again, but I promise things will change. you def know this weekend will be full of blogging fun!




The Man Of The Hour

I didn’t get to fully watch game 3 of the Boston series this past Wednesday,but I did manage to see Granderson show Jonathan Papelbon who’s boss.

New+York+Yankees+v+Boston+Red+Sox+qtgiBzdxLuElSAVEEE.jpgBefore I get on to the exciting outcome of the series, I just want to point out that the Tigers got the short end of the stick in the Damon/Granderson deal. I love Johnny, but Granderson is amazing!

Alas, I digress…the Red Sox had been winning 0-1 until my lovely Swish hit a single to RF and brought Posada home 🙂 After the hubby tied it up, Grandy decided we’d win this game and got his second homerun of the season at the top of the 10th. Terry Francona was not too pleased after this happened lol Yanks take this one 3-1.

Seems Curtis has fit right in amongst our champions in pinstripes. He will do more great things for us this year. Mark my words.

I’m definitely looking foward to tonight’s game although I won’t be able to watch it again (thanks work). Should be a nice little showdown after what happened between the two teams last year.

-Good morning and good night readers!


“…And We Are Underway!”

I had so much to say and I actually got to write most of it out, but my lovely internet just caused me to lose my entire entry. I am so upset right now, but I can’t leave my readers without any material to read! Let’s see if I can get a condensed version of everything I wrote…(at least the most important stuff!)

First of all, my BOYS. What happened? We had Beckett and then we blew it. I’m lookin’ at you, Girardi! B-t-dubs, I had fun at the Yankees/Braves ST game, even though we lost that game as well. Swisher did pretty amazing that game too!

Dodgers and Pirates. Really? Really!? smh. I was also surprised about the score to the Nats/Phillies game. I mean, I know the Nats majorly suck and the Phils have Halladay now, but 11-1? C’mon now. And, omg, Braves/Cubs? The poor Cubbies got an *** whoopin! Then we got Kendry Morales and our own ‘Sui going back-to-back for the Angels. Twins lose that one 3-6. Oh, and Tulo? That was a pretty sweet catch my friend. Pretty sweet.

Can we please take a moment to laugh at the Mets and Marlins? Well, mostly at the Marlins. Big ups to David Wright for that homer to RF. It was the first one they’ve had at Citi Field, I believe. Plus, Pujols going deep twice yesterday. He is just amazing.

Exciting things: the almost no-hitter by Shaun Marcum against the Rangers, Sammy Gervacio and his insane way of pitching (YouTube it!), and, oh my sweet Lord Jesus…MARK BUEHRLE.

Is this guy for real!? We can’t forget Paul Konerko. These two are unbelieveable. Words can’t eeven express the perfection of that wonderful play I had the privelege to watch over and over last night. If you have not yet seen it, please do yourself the favor and watch it immediately! Web gem of the year baby!

-Alrighty sports fans, I gotta jet!

P.S. I apoligize for the poor quality of my latest blog entries. I also realize I didn’t cover all the teams that played (sorry). I’ve had limited time up here in Orlando to do anything! I promise they will get better 🙂 I will also start putting pictures again lol It’s the little things that make this blog. Thanks for your patience!

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

No, I’m not referring to Christmas. If you guessed baseball season, then you are correct! For those of you that didn’t already know, I work in a sports store here in Walt Disney World and for the past few weeks we have been getting so much baseball merchandise. It’s ridiculous how excited I’ve been about this. It’s so bad, that even the Boston stuff kind of excited me a little. Yuck.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in before the season kicked off on April 4th. B-t-dubs, I went to my FIRST Spring Training game this past Friday. It was the Tigers vs. the Braves. I absolutely loved it! I got to see the Melk Man and Damon on their new teams. It was odd. I even got to see Hinske make it to first base! << WTF? lol I’m looking foward to seeing Super Leche again this upcoming Tuesday when they play our boys in pinstripes! eeeeeeeee 😀 I’ll be sure to write how that game goes.

-Catch ya later baseball fans!


Quick Off Season Recap

I know, I know…I’m a horrible blogger. I left my readers (if there are still any left) hanging after Game 1 of the World Series 😦 I’m so sorry about that! I was so busy watching the games and I had no motivation to write whatsoever! Do not fear, for I am back!

By now I’m sure you know our Yanks are the World Champions once again…I like the sound of that. That was number 27, ladies and gentlemen! It was truly an amazing series. I can proudly say it was my “first” World Series. On to the juicy stuff!

Okay, sooo we got Nick Johnson and the guy everybody talked about for days…Curtis Granderson! I like him. He’s a beast in the outfield. I’m not sure about Nick Johnson, but I heard he’s an injury waiting to happen! hmmmm…as for who we lost…

No more Cokie, ‘Sui, or, brace yourself….Johnny Damon. WHAT!? I almost died when I found out. Seems he asked for too much and they didn’t want tot give it to him. So sad. I’m seriously going to miss the guy. As for Coke & Matsui, I’ll miss them as well, but they’ll do great things in their new teams. I just don’t understand how I will be able to look at ‘Sui in an Angels uniform…ESPECIALLY with those damn rally monkeys glaring from the stands. ugh. Sure, they’re cute, but they belong as zoo souvenirs. Anyway…

That’s all I’ve heard for now. I’m really nervous about our “new” team! I’m sure it’ll be fine, just takes some getting used to. I hope I get to catch a Spring Training game while I’m up in Orlando 🙂 even if it’s not a Yankees game, but that would be suhweet!

-Until next time readers!

Game 1 – World Series: History Repeats Itself

Philadelphia+Phillies+v+New+York+Yankees+Game+LYVQMd9DxfFl.jpgI couldn’t begin to tell you how excited all of my fellow Yankees fans were for the series to begin. They were literally counting down the hours to first pitch, which I suppose, is nothing new. Dr. Jill Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama walked the legendary Mr.Berra out to the mound where they handed the ball to retired U.S. Army Captain Tony Odierno. He threw out the ceremonial first pitch to El Capitán. The game finally began with our big ol’ teddy bear Z.Z. on the mound. He started off a bit rough, but eventually got comfortable and pitched pretty well. The same cannot be said for the opposing pitcher, Cliff Lee. I honestly do not want to be praising our World Series opponent for the simple fact that this is the biggest series of the year and I am not taking any prisoners, but this Cliff Lee guy…wow. He was definitely on point since the first pitch. One of my Twitter friends described him as “unhittable.” It was absolutely disgusting the way that he kept us scoreless until the final inning. There would be little blips of hitting activity every once in a while, mostly from DJ, but other than that, the Yanks were sleepwalking through the whole game. It was as if they didn’t realize it was a World Series game, but I must stress the fact that Cliff Lee was bringing his A-game tonight…and so was Chase Utley. He hit two solo homers that caused people to quickly link him to Mr.October. Even Alex, who has come into his own and been locked in the whole postseason, went without a single hit the whole game. Incredible, I know. While this game scared the crap out of many Yankees fans and got Phils fans up on their high horses, this was only game 1. We can’t go assuming results just yet. I have faith in our boys and feel that they needed this slap in the face to wake them up from their World Series slumber. Game 2 is going to be a fun one, particularly because Pedro Martinez is pitching for the Phillies. I can’t wait to hear those chants…

As for the title of this entry, I discovered today that this was not the first time we lose Game 1 of the World Series in the new stadium. I’ll let this excerpt from Thomas Boorstein’s article “Losing Game 1 at new stadium nothing new” explain what I mean…

When the original Yankee Stadium hosted its first World Series game in 1923, the visitors came out on top. The road team won again in the first game in the renovated Stadium in 1976. The Phillies made it 3-for-3 with their 6-1 win over the Yankees in the World Series opener in the newest version in the Bronx on Wednesday night.

The Yanks are known for upholding tradition. *shrug* So with the Phils’ 6-1 win today, we head into Game 2 with a loss in our back pocket and a new attitude.

-Catch ya tomorrow fans!

The City That Never Sleeps


(photo taken by William Helms)

I was asked by one of my Twitter friends, Sean, why New York City was considered such an awesome place. I couldn’t give him a specific answer. I told him, “it just is, idk how to explain!” He dared me to give him a real reason, so I decided to make a list of why I personally believe NYC is so great.

  • the atmoshpere — it’s a fast-paced city where people are always on the move, always focused…whether it be to work or to party.
  • the fashion — yes, I will go there. I love fashion and 5th avenue has an abundance of amazing stores and they have the Fashion District and HELLO Fashion Week 🙂
  • the weather — sure, it might be as sucky as the weather in Miami at times, or even worse, but at least they have actual seasons. did I mentioned I love autumn and winter?
  • the commute — i actually enjoy the fact that you don’t have to drive every where here. you can walk or take the subway. although it’s kinda gross and creepy at times, you find the most interesting things in the subway. as for the walking, it’s great exercise lol
  • the events — like i mentioned before, they have Fashion Week, but they also have the famous Macy’s parades for Thanksgiving and Christmas. then we have the Ticker-Tape parade or even the ball dropping on New Year’s Eve!
  • the activities — shopping, sightseeing, iceskating at Rockerfeller Center in the winter, museums, parties, etc.
  • the adventure — i’ve only been there twice, so there’s plenty of things for me to discover there! (i.e. the little “hole in the wall” restaurants or cafes that have the best food!)
  • the fame — okay, you may see this as a lame reason, but think about it…how many movies have been filmed here? music videos, shows (like TRL, Good Morning America, The Today Show)? there’s a reason they keep filming stuff up there.
  • the symbolism — it’s a fact that New York City is an American symbol. it just is. i feel like a “true” American when i’m there. it must be all the history and the patriotism up there.
  • the YANKEES — you told me not to use this reason, but how could i not? i love them and i’m sure if i lived up there i’d be a season ticket holder. ❤

All in all, the City is so intriguing and inspiring. There’s no other place that has made me feel so passionate and so at home (besides Miami, of course).


**For more wonderful photography by William Helms: